I'm not sure what I want to do?

It's definitely not easy deciding what career will suit you. You need to think about which job role best fits your interests, abilities and your personality. But, how can you be expected to choose what job path to follow particularly when you don't have experience or are just atarting out?

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Can I get advice?

Yes there's lots of help available both nationally and locally, in person and online. Advisors and individual support can be found locally through Job Centre Plus, Education providers, training providers, BMBC, Adult Education and Libraries all will provide appropriate and relevant information, support and guidance.

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Support for Adults

A number of organisations provide Information, advice and guidance (IAG) for adults on local employment options, career development, learning, and training opportunities This includes support to do the basics like modern job search, write that winning CV or develop those over looked digital skills that are a must today.

All this can be done through organisations like BMBC, Community Education, local colleges and training providers. Northern College, is dedicated to the education and training of adults who don't have formal qualifications. All these can talk through your option and help you plan your next steps.

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Support for Young People

All schools, academies, further education and training providers in Barnsley have a responsibility to provide independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance to their students. Ask your provider for details. If you're still at school you should ask to speak with your schools Careers Advisor/Teacher who will help you with your career choices and options.

Barnsley Council and the Youth Service also provides support for young people outside of school through their Targeted Youth Provision just call or visit your local youth centre or go on line at bmbc.gov.uk to find out more. Local learning, training provides and colleges also offer advice and support on choosing your career options and suitable pathways to support that choice.

Useful Local Links

Link to local job center plus. Blue linr separator. Link to BMBC website. Blue linr separator. Link to Barnsley College website. Blue linr separator. Link to Dearne Valley College website. Blue linr separator. Link to Northern College website. Blue linr separator. Link to ITS Training website. Blue linr separator.

Useful National Links

Link to Gov Website. Blue linr separator. Link to National Careers Service website. Blue linr separator. Link to construction careers website. Blue linr separator. Link to carers IAG websie. A Blue line seperator.

Labour Market Info

The official figures for things like number of local vacancies, how many people seeking work etc. They are collected for the month, quarter or year.


Link to Nomis website, Office of National Statistics.

They help you to understand

  • The kinds of employment in Barnsley etc.
  • How many jobs and what type
  • Job Numbers going up or down
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Link to download Labour Market Report 2018.